News Release

Students, staffers, and business leaders examined the challenges of business as a calling with the Trinity Business Network (TBN) held in the Grand Lobby of the Ozinga Chapel, Thursday, April 20.

Presentations revolved around the theme "Christian Leadership: Surviving a Changing Marketplace." Guest speakers included Elsa Prince Broekhuizen, chair of EDP Management Company LLC and Lumir Corporation; Steve Van Drunen '86 President and CEO of Providence Bank; Janice K. Van Dyke-Zeilstra, CEO and chairperson at Darwill Inc.; and John Venhuizen '92, director of business development at Ace Hardware Corporation. The four speakers addressed the Christian businessperson's role in a rapidly changing marketplace. They then participated in a question and answer session which provided encouragement to the students and business leaders who attended. 

"This was a positive experience," said Steve Verhagen '07, "I was greatly encouraged by what the speakers had to say. Business is often overlooked in Christian education; this business network event provided great advice for how to integrate our lives as future Christian businessmen and women." 

Janice Van Dyke-Zeilstra said, "It's not about the bottom line, it's about relationships." This view led the rest of the discussion as the speakers shared situational advice about employee relations and the tension between increasing profit and acting in a Christ-like way. John Venhuizen exhorted future business leaders to witness by their actions rather than merely words. Steve Van Drunen admitted that it is increasingly harder to be a Christian in the workplace, but challenged everyone to be straightforward about their faith. Elsa Prince Broekhuizen encouraged students to take that challenge and "be bold and trust God." 

President Steven Timmermans instituted the TBN to provide Christ-centered business learning and service opportunities for graduates and friends of Trinity in the business world.

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