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Incoming President Steve Timmermans knows firsthand the rigors that college professors endure, and his own experience gives him a deeper appreciation for the efforts of Trinity's faculty. 

Timmermans held two faculty conferences on Wednesday, April 16, during which he presented his perspective of his role as leader of the College, and fielded questions from the faculty. He made it clear to them that one of his primary objectives is to become their most ardent supporter.

"My job description says the president should serve as a colleague of the faculty," Timmermans said, "and I really like that. The faculty does so many amazing things on and off campus. I want to learn more about them and what they do, and then do what I can to help them accomplish even greater things."

Timmermans specifically discussed the strain many faculty members feel from their obligations in the classrooms and their ambitions for professional development. Having encountered that stress himself, he intends to use his awareness to help alleviate some of that tension.

"Instead of faculty being pulled in two or three different directions in their careers, I want to help them integrate their teaching with their professional development when appropriate," he said. "As I get to know (the faculty) better and assess (their) needs, I get better ideas about maximizing the limited time (they) have."

Calling the faculty "the heart and soul of the College," Timmermans elaborated on a comprehensive team-building approach that would capitalize on their strengths. He used an analogy from 1 Corinthians 12, characterizing the faculty as a body composed of many talents and skills that become better when used in concert.

"Each of us has unique gifts, so we need to think individually as well as corporately. Partnership is a dynamic, ever-evolving concept, and I want us to engage in projects and initiatives that enhance our professional growth while also establishing and strengthening bonds among the faculty."

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