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Grandparents Visit Students at Their Trinity Home

Sharing childhood memories of time spent with grandparents and more recent memories about their Trinity experience, students welcomed nearly 200 visitors to Grandparents’ Day 2009.

During their addresses, senior students Natalie Buikema of Brookfield, Wisconsin; Clifton Hurt of Chicago, Illinois; Valerie Leffring of Chicago; and Jeff Roon of Hudsonville, Michigan, recalled the positive influences their grandparents had on the formation of their values, beliefs, attitudes, and goals, and how their time at Trinity has similarly had an impact on them.

“When I decided to go to Trinity, I was completely supported by my grandparents,” said Leffring, who then explained her role as president of the College’s Service Committee, a group of students that volunteers in the community, on campus, and in other states. “If I hadn’t seen my grandparents being so involved in volunteer work, I don’t think I would have ever thought of joining this group, let alone being in charge of it.” 

Roon, who is president of the Student Association, said that his grandparents have taught him what it means to be part of a family and that Trinity also has become a family to him. “To find that place of love and encouragement where I can feel comfortable in any situation, a family that supports one another even though times may be tough, and a family that has faith in God at its roots—this I what I have found at Trinity.”

Following the program, which included an organ performance by Autumn Van Dam ’09 of Burbank, Illinois, and a performance by the Honors Ensemble, students joined their grandparents for chapel. After lunch, there was time to tour campus and to visit the new Art and Communication Center and the Bootsma Bookstore Café.

Grandparents came from Illinois as well as the surrounding states of Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. George and Lois Schwind, grandparents of Holly Webster ’12 of Pleasant Grove, Utah, traveled all the way from Santa Rosa, California.

Grandmother Trenice Bulthuis has enjoyed many visits to Grandparents’ Day over the years and currently has six grandchildren attending Trinity: Amy Bulthuis ’09 and Dawn Bulthuis ’11 of Worth, Illinois; Renae Postema ’12 of Cedar Lake, Indiana; and Allison Voss ’12, Melissa J. Voss ’11, and Michelle L. Voss ’10 of Orland Park, Illinois.

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