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Only 10 minutes after Stephanie Smit took her seat in The Price Is Right studio, the announcer called her to "Come on down!" Less than an hour later, Bob Barker declared the sophomore from Caledonia, Michigan, the big winner of the Showcase Showdown.

During their spring break trip to the West Coast in March, Smit and three friends attended a taping of television's longest-running game show in Hollywood. Smit was one of the first four contestants called from the audience at the beginning of the show, and she won the first item up for bid: a moped.

"Everything is such a blur for me right now; it all happened so fast," Smit said. "We were so excited to get into the studio, and then I heard my name. After I won the moped, I ran on stage. I was in shock to be standing next to Bob Barker."

Smit, who has watched The Price Is Right since childhood, played the Clock Game, which allotted her 30 seconds to bid successfully on the price of two prizes. She won a sofa but lost out on a refrigerator. She then spun 85 cents on the Big Wheel to earn a berth in the Showcase Showdown at the end of the show.

Her showcase featured a 2004 Dodge Minivan, a stereo system, and baby furniture. Smit's opponent severely underbid her showcase, virtually ensuring Smit's win.

"When Bob pointed at me, I really didn't hear him say that I won, but everyone in the audience began screaming and yelling, so I figured that I was the winner," Smit recalled. "I started jumping up and down, and my friends came on stage to celebrate with me. We couldn't believe that I won."

CBS televised Smit's episode on April 20.

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