News Release


The Trinity track and field team took time during its Spring Break trip to Florida to work at St. Andrews Church in Panama City. The historic church was built in 1887 and recently received a grant to help with the cost of restoration. The small congregation is doing much of the work themselves, so the process is moving slowly.

“Our group of 20 people spent a few hours at the church and accomplished a great deal,” said Coach Jeff Raymond.

The group spent most of its time cleaning up the area and also did some scraping to get ready for the next phase of painting. A few dozen bags of trash and debris were collected from the site.

Nancy Wengel, a member of the church and an official with the St. Andrews Waterfront Project for Panama City, was very appreciative of the work done by the Trinity students.

“You’ll never know how much your work will impact others,” Wengel told the group. “I’m sure those who built the church over a hundred years ago could not imagine that it would still be open today. In the same way, this restoration will enable the church to impact others in the years to come.”

In a recent e-mail to Raymond, Wengel wrote: “Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who came and helped. We were back in the sanctuary for Easter and it was wonderful!”

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