News Release

An Experience in Intercultural Communication

How does intercultural communication look? Attendees to the last Diversity Lecture of the school year worked in groups to share experiences before each created a symbol of intercultural communication.

Dr. Sherry Barnes, associate professor of communication arts, and Dr. Rose Malinowski, associate professor of social work, led the interactive lecture. Participants discussed their personal experiences with communication and challenges they had encountered, then used various materials to construct their symbols.

One team created a “still life” with members of their group to show two different types of communication styles between a parent and child in an American family and in an Asian family. Whereas, an American parent would most likely expect a child to make eye contact when being corrected, an Asian parent might find direct eye contact to be a sign of disrespect.

Participants enjoyed the activities, which also included making a cultural genogram (family tree), adding what attitudes and beliefs they were taught by specific family members.

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