News Release

Dozens of people set out on a mission to save lives, Tuesday, April 4, in the Ozinga Chapel. Sixty-two units of blood were donated during a drive sponsored by Campus Ministries and conducted by Heartland Blood Center in Aurora, Illinois. 

Rachel Kramer, administrative assistant to the chaplain and music department at Trinity, and Paul Casner '06, and the Campus Ministries Leadership Team organized this bi-annual event. 

"Hosting the blood drive is one way to give back to the community," Kramer said. "Those who donated blood help people that may live next door, down the block, or in nearby cities." 

"Giving blood saves lives," said Grace Visker '07. "I know that if I was in need of blood, I would want people to come and donate." 

Heartland Blood Center serves 35 hospitals in a 12 county area and collects more than 150,000 units of blood annually. The organization's mission is to provide and maintain an adequate supply of blood and blood products for area hospitals.

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