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The famous Greek lyricist Simonides once said that poetry is the art of painting with speech. The ShawChicago theatre company, a non-profit organization created in 1994, brings to life this common phrase with a dedication to diction and text of plays by famous authors. 

The cultural affairs committee brought the expert acting troupe to campus for a workshop that provided students with advice for careers in theatre, tips and techniques for acting, and an evening performance.

"The focus of the workshop was on developing distinct and meaningful vocal qualities during the oral interpretation of literature," said John Sebestyen, assistant professor of communication arts at the College. "The workshop leaders, Terence Gallagher and Mary Michelle, enriched the work that I have been doing with my theatre students. They made strong parallels with the training the students have been receiving at Trinity and the skills that will be useful for them in the theatre on a larger scale."

The workshop activities began with a vocal warm up to help make the students feel more comfortable. Through this tool, the ShawChicago actors demonstrated how to breathe effectively while performing.

After the warm up, the professionals emphasized how to read a script effectively for an audition and pay attention to repetition, numbers, negativity, and antitheses within a text to make a reading more interesting. 

In the evening, four actors from ShawChicago performed snippets from The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde, The Highwayman, by Alfred Noyes, Brown Penny, by William Butler Yeats, Man and Superman, by George Bernard Shaw, She Walks in Beauty, by Lord Byron, and How Do I Love Thee? by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 
"The workshop was a great learning experience for students," Sebestyen said. "ShawChicago encouraged my students to become better performers by making more informed, inspired, and deliberate performance choices. The College wants to provide more opportunities for its students to meet with professionals in their chosen field; the visit by the Shaw Chicago members was just one more way to do that."

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