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Although words provided the avenue for Erin Marshalek to earn the prestigious Kuyers Presidential Scholarship from Calvin Theological Seminary, she could hardly talk when she was notified about the honor.

"It's been almost a week since I found out about the scholarship, and I'm still speechless," said Marshalek. "I can't mistake God's hand in providing for my needs as I continue to follow His leading in my life, and I'm more thankful for His care than I know how to say."  

Marshalek was invited to apply for the scholarship based on her GPA and her intention to enter Calvin's Master of Divinity program. She wrote an essay about her involvement in community, church, and school activities, explaining why these experiences were meaningful to her and what they had taught her about being a steward of the gifts God had given her. 

Throughout her years at Trinity, Marshalek has been involved in several extra-curricular activities. She serves the College as a member of the Campus Ministry Leadership Team, where she is a student chaplain and leader of prayer ministry. She also participates in the bicycle club, book club, and leadership team for the theology club. Marshalek received the Campus Ministry Scholarship and the Founder's Scholarship awards, both of which have challenging prerequisites for personal integrity and academic excellence.  

"My professors were so important in encouraging me (to attend seminary)," Marshalek said. "They saw gifts in me long before I saw them in myself, and they've helped to nurture those gifts and guide me as I thought about what I'd do after Trinity. Two of my professors are Calvin Seminary alumni, and it was my deep respect for them that inspired my interest in applying there."

"The Kuyers Scholarship offers students a great opportunity to respond to God's leading and affirming of their future calling in ministry work," said President Steven Timmermans. "Erin exemplifies the kind of Trinity student who takes to heart our mission of shaping lives and transforming culture."
The Kuyers Presidential Scholarship is presented annually to incoming students who have a GPA of at least 3.85 and an ACT composite score of 29 or combined SAT of 1300. The four-year, renewable award provides up to $24,000 over a student's course of study.  

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