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Timing is everything in America. That is why when six Trinity students went to Africa, a place that has little value for time, they found themselves lost, and thereby completely vulnerable to the power of God.

"We really didn't have much of an itinerary, which meant we had little-to-no clue as to exactly what we were about to do. Instead, we had to trust that God, in his perfect timing would place us where we needed to be. And then, we had to be patient," said Emily Ward '09, one of the Interim students. "Letting go of our dependence on our 'American time' gave us patience when otherwise we might have had none, and was to us a clear indication to trust in God's timing," 

Timing was just the starting point of God's lesson for these students. He quickly taught them the second lesson: to be patient in suffering.

"James said (in 5:7-11) 'we consider blessed those who have persevered'," Ward said, "and none have persevered through more hardship than the people of Rwanda. It is hard to put into words the lessons we learned from people whose words we couldn't understand. But in Rwanda, there is not one person who was not affected by the genocide, and you can see it in their faces.

"But that isn't all you see. If that were it, it would be impossible to look anyone in the eye and not crumple under the weight of their past. No. There is more. There is hope. There is faith that could truly move mountains. In spite of their sufferings they continue to persevere, and they are being blessed for it. You can see and feel people's trust in the Lord and patience in his plan. For many people that is all they have."

The students learned a great deal on the trip and above all, to be patient for the Lord.

"We were blessed on this trip to see God working and revealing his call to each and every one of us," Ward added. "When we were patient and waited for God to reveal himself to us, we began to see him working."  

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