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In an effort to continue building relationships with local religious leaders and churches, Trinity invited more than 400 Chicago area pastors and ministers for a luncheon on Tuesday, March 14. 

The admissions department at Trinity organized the collaborative event to familiarize the pastors with the College and introduce ways they can work together in Christian education and service. The diverse group included many leaders from African-American and Asian-American churches. 

Felecia Thompson, director of community partnerships, and Jane Voss, program manager of the Church Connection Initiative, expressed their hope to work with the pastors and serve their constituents better. 

"One of our goals of community partnerships is to listen to feedback given to us by you," said Thompson. "Please, come and share what richness you can bring to our community."

"The ideas you have can shape what Trinity plans for the future," Voss added.

Voss also spoke about Trinity's role in helping teenagers listen to God's will for their lives. "The Church Connection Initiative at Trinity has a strong interest in helping young teens discover their calling," Voss said. "The CCIT would like to partner those teens with current students to encourage the acceptance of those calls."

President Steven Timmermans, Pete Hamstra, vice president of marketing and admissions, and Denise Coleman, director of financial aid, encouraged the guests to think of the College as a destination for their college-bound high school students. Hamstra expressed that the admissions and financial aid departments have many programs to serve these students and would work diligently to make a Trinity education a reality for students who show interest.

"The College takes seriously the call for diversity of thought, backgrounds, and opinions," said Hamstra. "Trinity has approximately 1,300 wonderful students, but we would love to see more coming from the Chicago region." 

Clinton Hurt '09 offered prayer to begin the program. The group was then led in a rousing rendition of "This is the Day that the Lord has Made" by gospel choir director James Palmore.

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