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The visual equivalent of a verbal brainstorming session took place at the former Dunlap's restaurant site on Monday, March 6, when 40 individuals representing Trinity students, faculty, staff, alumni, board of trustees, and community members gathered for a charrette.

After touring the facility, groups of six to eight participants grabbed colored pencils, markers, and transparent paper to draw new walls, decks, interior furnishings, and placements of tables and seating arrangements on enlarged copies of the building's floor plan. 

"We were incredibly encouraged by the number of people who participated to make the new bookstore/café into a place that fits both Trinity and the community's needs," said President Steven Timmermans.

The charrette module derives from a French system of architectural/planning education, where a professor would pull a small wooden cart through the class to collect drawings at the end of a working period. That cart, which held the sum ideas and concepts, was called a charrette

Community members included Palos Heights Mayor Bob Straz and neighbors Barb and Jim Pasquinelli and Joe McGee. Trinity board members Rich Schutt and alumnus Al Diepstra '71, whose wife, Jan, is on the board, also attended. In addition, construction consultant Dick Molenhouse added his expertise to the discussion.

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