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Business entrepreneur and National Football League executive Wayne Huizenga, Jr. changed teams four years ago, and he is eager to score points for his new Coach.

Huizenga spoke to an audience of nearly 200 people in the Grand Lobby March 15. The president of Huizenga Holdings, Inc. discussed the impact that his conversion to Christianity has had on his career and personal life. He cited Mark 12:30 - the command to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength - as a verse that provides spiritual guidance and focus.

"God is the best business partner any Christian can have," he said. "I'm incredibly blessed to be a Christian in corporate America. God wanted me to take Him to the office. I am to be bold and use my public platform to share the Good News."

Huizenga, who also is a board member of the Miami Dolphins professional football franchise that his father owns, discussed how his newfound faith brought not only peace within himself but also some tension at work. He was determined to set an example for his family, colleagues, and employees that his faith is the new compass for his life's direction by setting aside uninterrupted time for prayer, meditation, and worship.

"When I allow time for God to invest in me, I'm more in His will," he said. "As long as I'm in His will, everything He wants me to do gets done. It's important for me to remain faithful to Him in that way."

President Steven Timmermans invited Huizenga to the College to help launch a Christian business leaders network. A group of Trinity alumni is trying to developing a network to offer professional and educational opportunities that would emphasize Christian values in business. Huizenga applauded the group's initiative and encouraged them to maintain their commitment to their aspiration.

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