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Trinity Student Interns In Mayor's Office

"It's not at all like "Spin City," commented communication arts major Kelly Triezenberg '02 about her ternship in Mayor Richard Daley's press relations office. As a press intern for the mayor of Chicago, Kelly is involved in a variety of projects. "Every day is different," she said. 

She has been going in early to work on the "Daily Daley," a 30-page compilation of all the articles published about the mayor's administration in the local newspapers as well as video clips and sound bites from the radio stations. Kelly believes that Christians need to become more involved in political organizations, and take advantage of these opportunities "to give witness to our faith through our language, clothing, and how we treat others" in a worldly workplace. She was delighted to discover that her immediate supervisor is a Dordt graduate. Kelly appreciated the efforts of Trinity's Chicago Metro Program in arranging interviews with several media relations firms, and for helping her with living arrangements downtown. She chose the Mayor's press office for its fast pace and the opportunity to see how city government works. For Kelly, this internship has provided a "valuable experience in the political arena" that she otherwise might not have had. 

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