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The Burbs Feel Like Home

Affectionately known as "The Burbs," Trinity's off-campus apartments combine the best qualities of residence life with some unique challenges. The two buildings house 65 juniors and seniors under the supervision of Residence Director Shannon Pothoven and two residence assistants, Kristy Mast and Mike Van Wyk. 

One building seems to have more socializing and an open-door atmosphere, according to Shannon, while students in the other building seem to prefer a quieter environment. Those residents managed to leave their books long enough to build a huge snowman during one of the few measurable snowfalls this winter. 

Initially, parking spaces were not as plentiful as had been expected, which created some minor transportation issues early in the year. After discussions with a nearby church, students were given permission to park in designated areas in the church lot on weekdays, resolving the parking space shortage.

Both residence halls have wireless Internet connections, which helps reduce the perceived distance from the main campus. Kristy does her part to promote a sense of community by hosting impromptu dinners in her apartment, and all students are encouraged to attend weekly sessions of "Real World 101," where they learn the basics about life after college. Overall, Shannon says, "it's a very positive experience." 

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