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More than 50 students, faculty, and staff gathered in the Fireside Chapel on Wednesday, March 19 to initiate Operation: Publicly Minded Servants, a series of meetings during which members of the faculty will share their viewpoints and opinions of the conflict in Iraq.

At the first meeting, Dr. George Pierson, chair of the philosophy department, and political science chairman Charlie Emmerich presented their perspectives on ideas such as truth and rhetoric, just wars, and global relations in the aftermath of the war. Each professor fielded questions from the audience.

When asked of the similarities between the wars involving Israel during Old Testament times and the current conflict, Emmerich offered insightful comments.

"We have to be careful when we try to make that comparison," he warned. "We know that God has a sovereign purpose because He is the Creator, but the United States does not have the relationship with Him now that Israel had with Him then. They were a total theocracy, and God defended them as their King."

Aron Reppmann (philosophy) and Craig Mattson (communication arts) spoke on Thursday afternoon, and Brad Breems (sociology) shares the half-hour time slot with Mark Ward (business) on Friday, March 21.

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