News Release

"Fun"draiser Aids Children in Africa

The Service Committee’s annual Polar Bear Slip n’ Slide was a huge success!  Students gathered outside Tibstra Hall on March 12 to watch Resident Assistants, fellow classmates, and even Chaplain Van Groningen slide down the slippery slope.  

Throughout the week students pledged $1 toward seeing a person of their choice go down the Slip n’ Slide. The more money raised, the more times the individual had to launch themselves across the cold, wet tarp. 

With each slide came another challenge. On the second slide, individuals were coated in powder sugar. Those who had the privilege of going a third time were squirted with ketchup and mustard.

School in MalawiLaughter, shouts of encouragement, and clean, dry towels were shared by all. 

The event raised over $450 for a struggling school in Malawi, Africa. The school, located in a village called Kayabwa, has over 450 students and only six teachers. 

“The money we raised will go toward helping build another classroom, which fell down in a recent storm,” said Chad Fakkema ’09 of Chino, California, who was a part of the group that traveled to Malawi this January. “These children deserve better.”

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