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For Nathan Vis ’07 of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, it was a taste of what the future could hold. During January interim, he rubbed shoulders with the political elite in Washington, D.C.

“Living in Washington for a month deepened my passion to return there some day,” he said.

Vis spent some of his time in Washington helping plan the National Association of Evangelicals Leadership Conference. Trinity Political Science Professor Charlie Emmerich and 13 students attended the conference. During the event, Vis was the contact person for students and professors who had questions.

He may have talked with congressmen and senators, but Nathan insists the most exciting people he met were the ones who were not at the top.

“There are more than 20,000 young men and women my age working in the nation’s capitol. It is breathtaking to think that so many young people have a direct impact on the words we read and hear coming from our leaders’ mouths every day.”

Trinity has nurtured Vis’ calling to law and politics. As student association president, he routinely takes the concerns of fellow students to College administrators. After he graduates, Vis plans to enter law school and then go into local or state politics.

“Too much emphasis is placed on the city of D.C. Not enough attention is paid at the local and state level. That will be my most immediate pursuit.”

Interim is a two-week period in January during which students engage in interactive learning outside the classroom. They may choose from a wide range of special interests and subjects in the humanities, sciences, and arts that provide a more hands-on educational experience.

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