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The combination of Christian rock and blues seems like a musical oxymoron, but five-time Gospel Music Association award nominee Jeremy Camp knows how to meld the two for rousing worship. When the Indiana native performed at Trinity with 2004's top-selling female solo debut artist and fellow GMA nominee, Bethany Dillon, on Wednesday, March 8, the Ozinga Chapel was transformed into a house of contemporary praise and prayer. 

The acoustic guitarists maintained a connection with the audience throughout the evening, especially when he played a blues rendition of Jesus Loves Me. Near the end of his set, Camp offered up a prayer of thanksgiving and praise.

"I want, no matter where I am, to be used by God," Camp said. "I want to be a pure vessel."

Camp encouraged the audience to emulate Mary's actions in Luke 10.

"We need to get it right and just sit at Jesus' feet," Camp said. "I want to encourage you to get on your face in front of Jesus and spend time with Him.

"There are some people that when you meet them, you think to yourself, they must spend time with Jesus. There's a glow about them. I so badly want to have that reflection," Camp added.

Camp and Dillon also performed a duet of My Desire. Dillon, who describes her music as acoustic folk rock, graced the audience with her new song, You Are on Our Side. The 17-year-old commented in an interview later in the evening that she hoped to get across the message that "Christians need to see God as He really is."

"He's more than we expect and better than we hoped. We'll never be disappointed when we find him," she said.

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