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Ashley Biesboer ’10 of Broadview, Illinois, needed to work on her public speaking skills. Enter ShawChicago stage left. The renowned acting group brought the Chicago theater scene to Trinity on March 13.

“They showed how strength of voice and eye contact add so much to a public presentation,” Biesboer said.

Tony Dobrowolski, Adrianne Cury, and Terence Gallagher held a workshop and a performance of George Bernard Shaw’s Shaw vs Shakespeare: a Meeting of the Minds.

The world’s greatest playwrights squared off on issues such as war, love, politics, humor, and the battle between the sexes. Dobrowolski played Shakespeare and Gallagher played Shaw. Cury often refereed as the two argued over who was greater.

“I liked the humor,” said Eric Moore ’10 of Mendota, Illinois. I’ve never been into drama but this heightens my interest.”

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