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A service learning opportunity in Robbins, Illinois, is helping shape lives. The new after-school program at Childs Elementary School is the brainchild of Trinity alums Keith Dykstra ’06 and Emily Kilbourne ’06. Three Trinity students are volunteering their time each week to make that dream a reality.

“Keith and Emily did a research project in their senior year at Trinity, which indicated that the community of Robbins could benefit greatly from an after-school program for elementary students,” said volunteer Betsy Dyk ’08 of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Additional research was conducted by Rachel Strevey ’07 of Omaha, Nebraska, who felt compelled to volunteer for the program.

“A program like ours bridges relationships between parents and the school, as well as between Trinity students and the Robbins neighborhood,” Strevey said.

The after-school elementary students are involved in everything from computers and spelling bees to homework and reading.

“This is a great opportunity for Trinity students to get out into the community,” said volunteer Kristina Bykerk ’08 of De Motte, Indiana. “The program is an excellent way for us to let the light of God shine through us.”

After-school education at Childs Elementary is so popular with neighborhood children that at least ten more volunteers are needed to keep the program going. Dyk says continuation of the program is critical for both Childs and Trinity.

“If we ignore the fact that there are people in need living among us, we are denying our calling as Christians,” she said.

The program is managed by Trinity’s Office of Community Partnerships. If you are interested in becoming part of this program next year, please contact Felecia Thompson at 708.293.4517.

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