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With their résumés polished and shoes shined, a group of juniors and seniors sat across from representatives of 20 companies and organizations to get a taste of the interviewing process.

At the Cooper Career Center's annual career networking event March 11, Trinity upperclassmen applied their interviewing proficiency and received feedback on their presentation skills and other hiring criteria.

"One of the key things I look for during an interview is the way job candidates present themselves," said Lisa Nuiver, human resources generalist at the Bible League. "Do they smile, offer a handshake, maintain good eye contact? How do they respond to questions? Have they done research on the company? These are ways that interviewees can make a good impression."

Each interview lasted 20-30 minutes; afterward, the professionals shared their viewpoints about the interviewee's strengths and areas for improvement. It also allows the interviewers to broaden the students' perspectives from simply landing their first jobs to launching their careers.

"A lot of graduates don't have clear goals or a career plan," said Paul Dillman '80, an accountant with P&L Accounting and Tax Service in Oak Forest, Illinois. "Most companies are not looking to just fill slots; they're looking for people. It's important that these students discover how their job searches fit in with what the Lord has for their lives."

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