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Mark Jones' love for Renaissance literature led him to St. Louis University to pursue his doctorate in that field. The English professor successfully defended his dissertation March 2 and attained a doctoral degree in Elizabethan drama.

Jones centered his studies on writings from William Shakespeare and plays written by his contemporaries that are seldom performed. For the past 10 years, Jones has focused on Elizabethan drama, and he has found that era has a surprising relevance to today's society.

"The late 16th century was an extremely rich period in literary history," Jones said. "In some ways, the plays are inescapably foreign to us, yet there is an odd way in which they resonate with our changing world."

Jones earned his bachelor's in English from Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, and completed his master's in English at Washington University in St. Louis. A faculty member for two years, he is the 42nd professor at Trinity with a doctoral degree.

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