News Release

CEC Hosts Disability Awareness Week

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) hosted their annual Disability Awareness Week beginning March 3. 

The Week began with an inspirational address by Jonathan Mooney, author of The Short Bus.  In his speech he challenged students and professors to redefine what is considered to be “normal” and encouraged them to find gifts in everybody. 

Wednesday brought a performance from Trinity’s Sign Language Club. Following the Outcry on Thursday, students were handed bracelets with this year’s theme printed on them: Differently Abled. 

Disability Awareness Week concluded with a discussion hosted by Kathy Nimmer ’91, and a visit with her guide dog, Elias. Nimmer, who  has been blind since childhood, is an English teacher at Harrison High School in West Lafayette, Indiana. See photos of her visit.

Assistant professor of education Pete Post ’74 had the opportunity to have lunch with Nimmer.

“I learned that she has a hearing impaired student in her class,” Post explained. “I then pictured a blind teacher with a service dog teaching a class with a deaf student who has someone signing for her—how beautiful is that picture?”

Throughout the week Trinity students were reminded that people with special needs are not disabled, but rather differently abled. 

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