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Alumna Living Without Sight Challenges Those Who Will Listen

Who are the five people who have changed your life?

Alumna Kathy Nimmer ’91 asked this question of those gathered for chapel on Friday, March 7. As part of Disability Awareness Week, Nimmer, who has been blind since early adulthood, visited campus to speak and to challenge listeners to be agents of change in the lives of others.

Nimmer spoke of the five people who most deeply affected her life, for good or for bad, and asked everyone to reflect on their own responses to the initial question posed. She shared a moment from her life as a teacher, when one parent had refused to allow her child to be taught by a blind woman; and a moment from her life as a student at Trinity, when a friend allowed her to navigate a tandem bike. Each person and incident caused tears of pain and of joy, but both brought her strengthening of character, Nimmer explained.

“Step forth today,” she urged listeners, “looking for the moments that you can make a difference for the better in someone’s life.”

Nimmer, a teacher at Harrison High School in West Lafayette, Indiana, since 1992, and her guide dog, also spent time with local elementary school students, who were eager to ask her questions and who were unknowingly being changed by the encounter.

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