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VanSchepen on Medical Mission to Honduras

Jim VanSchepen, director of security, spent the third week in February administering eye exams, laying concrete floors, and sharing the gospel with the people of Honduras, a country characterized by poverty, unemployment, and violence.

VanSchepen and five others from his church, Pathway Church in St. John, Indiana, travelled with 30 other volunteers to Honduras’s capital city, Tegucigalpa.  Organized by World Gospel Outreach (WGO), the main goal of the trip was to provide both medical and spiritual relief to the people of the city. In a week’s time, the group had administered medical help to approximately 2,500 people, 85 of whom accepted Christ.

“We had one week to do the will of God without the distractions of a job,” said VanSchepen. “We went down there with the single purpose of a medical mission trip, and we were able to concentrate solely on that.”

The group consisted of four registered nurses, three optometrists, one dentist, and a pharmacy operation with prescription drugs. WGO also organized a ministry program for the children while their parents were being treated. Volunteers led the children in singing, storytelling, and craft time. The group also participated in a “concrete ministry,” working to lay cement floors in the homes of various people from the churches in the city.

The local churches advertised the group’s arrival beforehand, identifying them as a source of help within the community.

“Working closely with the established churches and relying on them to spread the word about missions groups gets the people in the door,” said VanSchepen. “They need to see what the church is all about, and our mission is to break through and present the gospel as free grace.”

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