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When the Trinity Student Council for Exceptional Children sponsored its third annual Disability Awareness Week February 27-March 3, students learned the truth about what life is like for individuals with disabilities.

The week began with disability simulations, in which students wore placards describing  disabilities, such as blindness, hearing and visual impairments, fine motor skill disabilities, and cerebral palsy. On Wednesday, they encountered non-manifested abilities, such as learning disorders, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and auditory processing. The movie showing of "I Am Sam," provided students with another type of learning experience. 

"It is important to (understand) observable disabilities, but many students have hidden disabilities, as well as ones that are evident," said Patti Powell, director of the Alexander DeJong Center for Special Education at Trinity. "We wanted to acknowledge and support students who live with disabilities every day."

The Grand Lobby hummed with excitement Friday evening as Trinity students joined teenagers from Elim Christian School at a Hawaiian dance. Participants did the limbo and line- danced their way into new friendships. 

"The dance provided an opportunity to break down barriers and (for students to get to) know each other on personal level," said Powell. "It is exciting that Disability Awareness Week has become an annual event on campus. I feel that we all have learned a lot and awareness of disabilities has been raised at Trinity following these events," she added.

The Sign Language Club also participated in the week's activities by signing at Praise and Worship Thursday night. Students took the opportunity to share stories about their own disabilities.

The Council for Exceptional Children strives to improve the educational outcomes of children with disabilities, while preparing teachers for Christ-like service in special education. The Council believes that all children bear the image of God regardless of their physical or mental conditions and diligently reinforces that belief to students and teachers.

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