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A crowd of a hundred students hung on to every word uttered by professional storyteller Dan Keding during an appearance at Trinity on February 28. While Keding evokes plenty of laughs, he takes his storytelling seriously.

“Stories are our connection to the past,” he said. “They are a tribute to the milestones of our lives.”

Keding’s characters come from all walks of life. He told stories about a demanding Irish king, a strict nun, a lonely Republican precinct captain, a generous Chicago grandmother, an unlucky farmer, vengeful boys, and the origin of the English language.

Students understood the significance of his stories.

“The stories about his grandmother are how he keeps her memory alive,” said Esther Peters ’07 of Villa Park, Illinois. “This is how we will keep our heritage and our traditions alive, by the telling of our own stories.”

Keding interspersed his stories with performances on the guitar and with spoons. He has worked as a performer and as an educator for nearly thirty years. Keding's appearance at Trinity is partially funded by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council.


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