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Serving Children at Childs Elementary and Restoration Ministries

Two of Trinity’s premier community service programs in the Office of Community Partnerships are the after-school projects at Childs Elementary in Robbins, Illinois, and Restoration Ministries in Harvey, Illinois.

“Our students’ dedication to shared partnership, their understanding of the needs of communities in transition, and their love for the Lord are what make the wheels of our office turn,” said Felecia Thompson, executive associate to the president for community partnerships at Trinity.

Childs Elementary
The school’s first ever after-school program was initiated by Trinity students Keith Dykstra and Emily Kilbourn (both of whom graduated in 2006) and serves children in Kindergarten through third grade. Trinity students weekly provide tutoring, healthful snacks, and game time.

“We help the students with their homework and assist them with their weekly spelling words,” said Candace Brown ’09 of Joliet, Illinois. “We get a chance to not only be a help but become a part of the children's lives; we listen to their problems, wants, and needs.”

Krystal Riddle ’09 of Harvey, Illinois, said, “The children of these communities get the opportunity to see young adults who have come from some of the same situations that they're living in. Not only is it an encouragement to them, but to us also, just to know that we're making a difference.”

On February 27, Trinity students were there after school while backpacks full of school supplies were handed out by Elim Christian Services through the HOPE Project. Trinity alumna Jenna Hania ’07 is currently employed by Elim and handed out the backpacks with Thompson.

Restoration Ministries
Trinity students Madiseida Horton ’09 of Chicago, Illinois; Lana McCloyn’09 of Manhattan, Illinois; and Rodrick Parker ’11 of Oak Forest, Illinois, currently head Trinity’s involvement with the after-school program that serves children in grades Kindergarten through high school who reside in Harvey, Illinois.

“I tutor the children and talk to them when they have something bothering them,” said Lana McCloyn ’09 of Manhattan, Illinois. “There are times when the kids just want somebody to listen to them.”

Madiseida Horton ’09 of Chicago, Illinois, tutors and helps with craft projects. “I was amazed when I first started working at Restoration Ministries. Children would ask me if I was there for my resume or for a class and if I really cared about their well-being. I responded, ‘I'm here because I like you guys!’ and I've been there for two years now. Children know when you genuinely care.”

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