News Release

Looking to forge new relationships with local religious leaders, Trinity invited more than 25 pastors and ministers throughout the Chicago metropolitan area to campus for lunch February 22.

Felecia Thompson, director of community partnerships, coordinated the Information and Networking Luncheon in the Grand Lobby to familiarize the pastors with the College and introduce ways in which they can work together in Christian education and service. The diverse group included many leaders from African-American and Asian-American churches. Thompson hopes that Trinity will maintain its momentum in partnering with those audiences.

"As we proceed to make ourselves more visible and better known in Chicago, we have to find more ways for our neighbors to learn about Trinity," Thompson said. "As a Christian institution, we share a common bond with churches in the Chicago area. It is important that we maximize the possibilities that our common faith afford us, and this is the first step toward that goal."

Pete Hamstra (vice president for advancement and admissions), Josh Lenarz '98 (director of admissions), and John Johnson '02 (admissions counselor for the Chicago region) encouraged the guests to think of the College as a destination for their college-bound high school students. Hamstra vowed that both the admissions and financial aid departments would work diligently to make a Trinity education a reality for students who show serious interest.

"I've been impressed by the presentation and what I've seen here," said Rev. Derrius Colvin, pastor of First Progressive Church of Christ. "I was not very familiar with Trinity, but I'm interested in some of the things I heard. There seem to be some excellent educational opportunities for minority students, and there are possibilities for us to work with Trinity in other areas."

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