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Members of Trinity's Organization for African-American Unity mourned the death of Coretta Scott King Friday, February 10, in a candle-light ceremony. Participants prayed, sang, and remembered the legacy of the renowned woman.

Felicia Thompson, director of the office of community partnerships, offered her memories of encountering King when she was a young girl. The two women shared the same birthday, and Thompson felt connected to King, especially because her words, "persistence breeds rewards," left an impact on Thompson's heart. 

"I wanted to emulate her," Thompson said. "She was a woman of dignity and power. She made me want to be a Christian in my heart."

Participants also commented on the controversy of whether King had lived up to her husband's achievements. 

"She cannot and should not be judged according to the work and accomplishments of her husband," said Corey Dorsey '07. "The timing was right for Dr. King to do marches and demonstrations to arouse the conscience and awareness of Americans outside of the Southern version of racism."

"Coretta Scott King was a great asset to the African-American community and all those who knew her," the OAAU said in a written statement. "She was a woman of God, wife, and freedom fighter. She backed her husband in changing this country for the better. She contributed to a legacy of equality and peace that will live on forever." 

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