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Homecoming weekend began with solemn reflection, as Rev. Doug Pruim '97, pastor of Lafayette Indiana Christian Reformed Church, spoke about dealing with the curveballs of life at chapel on Friday, February 3. Using Psalm 13 as a guide, Rev. Pruim stated that "we must begin by questioning God and then search for God's answers to life's problems."

"We search for God's answers by trusting in God's faithfulness," Rev. Pruim said. "When we suffer, God suffers. Jesus Christ experienced our pain; he knows what it is to pray for something he cannot have. He prayed that he wouldn't have to die, but it was the Father's will."

The somberness of Friday's chapel gave way to appreciative celebration in the evening during the Presidential Alumni Dinner. The event honored Trinity's 2006 Alumni of the Year, Calvin '72 and Marcy Tameling ex '73, and Honorary Alumni Award recipients, Dr. Daniel Diephouse, Lois Thomson, and Dick and Pixie Molenhouse. 

The annual alumni 3-on-3 basketball tournament jumpstarted Saturday morning. Each team competed in four games. Between competitions, players gathered to catch up on each other's lives. The short breaks also gave them an opportunity to receive their free alumni t-shirts from the Alumni Association. 

Advanced division winners were: Scott Plaisier '04, Kevin Koeman '02, Chuck Commeret '05, and Kyle TenPas '98. Matt Piper '04, Luke Post '04, John Sikkenga '06, and Kevin Tameling '04 won the recreational division. 

The Alumni Association teamed with Trinity's Blue Crew and presented students with more prizes as they cheered for the women's and men's basketball teams. Joy Trethewey '08, Melinda Harkema '09, Dawn Centracchio '08, Hannah Groenenboom '07, and Brian Hansen '06 won Blue Crew sweatshirts and gift cards to local restaurants. The greatest prize of the year had already been given to the Trinity community in November: a national championship title. The Trinity Athletics Club raised a banner at the women's basketball game in honor of this recognition. 

"Honoring the women's soccer team during the game was a great way to make a connection between the alumni on our Trinity Athletics Club Board and our current student athletes," said Dennis Harms '89, director of alumni relations and TAC Board member. "The women's team represented Trinity well, and we hope to recognize more of our athletics teams as national champions."

Many alumni, community members, and their children also enjoyed the Melikin Puppets performance, "Once Upon America," in the afternoon. The show featured a collection of stories about three of America's legendary folk heroes: Daniel Boone, Johnny Appleseed, and Paul Bunyan. 

The weekend's events culminated with a pizza party at Mama Vesuvio's East. More than 120 alumni attended the get-together and reminisced about their time as students.

"As always, I enjoyed Homecoming weekend," said Alison Vander Laan '97. "The pizza party at Mama's is usually the best opportunity to meet up with other Trinity alumni."

Those who stayed on campus were treated to a performance by TrinProv, Trinity's student improvisational group, and a concert by local band, Made Avail. 

"Homecoming just keeps getting better every year, and we see more alumni coming back to re-connect with the College and their friends," said Kelly Netjes, assistant director of alumni relations.

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