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Acknowledging that Trinity is ahead of the curve among most Christian institutions of higher education, Dr. Robert Andringa, president of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, exhorted the board, faculty, staff, and students to remain steadfast in pursuing diversity.

During his two-day visit, Andringa described the increasingly urgent need for Christian colleges and universities to make their campuses open and accessible to people of all skin colors, ethnicities, and social classes. He was invited by the College's ethnic diversity committee to speak at convocation February 13.

"Diversity is biblically commanded; it's part of our core as followers of Christ," he said. "We either believe Scripture or we don't, and if we believe it, then we must practice it."

Andringa oversees a body of 104 institutions comprising approximately 215,000 students. He stated that the average CCCU institution has a minority population near 12 percent. Trinity's figure is closer to 13 percent, but Andringa cautioned that numbers should not be the final determinant of campus diversity.

"Trinity is above average, but the real worth is not in the numbers," he conceded. "Diversity will not become effective if there is no transformation of the heart and mind. We have to be willing to change and take risks.

"This is a process that cannot be delegated to one person or a committee. It shouldn't be limited a few people to figure out. Everyone is responsible for what we know, and if we believe in a cause, we must take individual ownership of it."

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