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Upholding in Prayer Those Bowed Down with Grief

Although distant from Trinity Christian College in miles, Northern Illinois University is today close to the hearts and minds of students, faculty, and staff on Trinity’s campus. The horror that unfolded on Valentine’s Day causes all to grieve over yet another violent occurrence on a university campus.

At Trinity’s Thursday evening worship service, The Outcry, President Steven Timmermans led more than 400 students in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to bring comfort to all of those touched by the incident at NIU.

Earlier this week, Library Director Marci Frederick led a chapel service during which she reminded listeners to find comfort in the Psalms when difficulties arise. In Psalm 22, verses 11 and 19, the psalmist implores the Lord to “not be far from me.”  

“The events that happened at NIU yesterday may raise troubling questions and shake us to the core,” said Timmermans. “But these are times in which we should draw nearer to God.”

Trinity students, some of whom have friends at NIU, are encouraged to avail themselves of the counsel and comfort of resident assistants, residence directors, and the Cooper Center counselors.

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