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A person needs extraordinary talent to write Hebrew and Latin messages with each hand at the same time. Rev. Anthony Carter told a Trinity audience that God is always writing multiple messages ambidextrously.

Carter, associate pastor at Southwest Christian Fellowship in Atlanta, Georgia, described God's ambidexterity to articulate how He masterfully accomplishes His divine will and purpose. He visited the College February 7 as the third featured speaker in this year's Diversity Lecture Series.

"We ought to be more spiritually ambidextrous as Christians and understand God's providential control," he said. "If we fail to see the hands of God - hands of justice, mercy, and favor - we fail to appreciate the greatness and nearness of our God."

Speaking about the history of race relations in America, Carter used an analogy of a culture that favors right-handed people to show how one group of people establishes superiority over others. He illustrated God's sovereign ability to work behind the scenes to bring good from circumstances that appear to be bad.

"Those in the dominant culture take things for granted because everything has been set up for them and by them," he said. "Left-handed people are forced to adjust to the dominant culture of right-handed people. God isn't concerned with whether people are right-handed or left-handed. He wants us to appreciate the diversity among us.

"As Christians, we should be sensitive to those people in the sub-culture because God is ambidextrous. With equal adeptness, He uses His hands to work in the lives of our sisters and brothers within their different communities, cultures, and experiences. He is able to make all things work out for His glory."

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