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Storyteller Takes Listeners on a Journey

Pounding on hollowed-out gourds that served as instruments, Mama Edie, and the group A Spiritual Journey Percussion Ensemble, made their presence known on campus February 5. The women lifted their voices to sing songs that told stories of their ancestors while playing drums of all shapes and sizes.

The Grand Lobby was filled with students and professors, all intently listening to the stories Mama Edie came to share. Her first story was a touching tale of the people who could fly in order to escape harsh slave masters. The second story she shared was about a king’s advisor who was fired for his constant optimism that later saved the king’s life.  The story reminded listeners that there is a reason for everything, good or bad. 

Mama Edie, a published writer, percussionist, and speech pathologist, has been sharing her gift of storytelling and inspiring listeners since 1989.   

The percussion group that accompanied her, A Spiritual Journey Percussion Ensemble, is comprised of eight women, or “Mamas,” who celebrate their heritage with the art of percussion, song, and story. The women have been together for 10 years, visiting schools and festivals in the Chicagoland area and blessing others with their gift of music. 

This program was partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency, and Trinity’s Cultural Affairs Committee.

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