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Kathy Nimmer ’91 brought an insight to Trinity Christian College on Friday, February 2, that left a chapel audience virtually speechless. She quoted from her new book, “Minutes in the Dark, Eternity in the Light” and described in moving detail what it was like to gradually lose sight. Nimmer opened her speech with a poem that recalled the memory of a painful moment in her youth – the day she failed an eye test at school.  She was in the second grade when her rare retinal degenerative disease was diagnosed.

“Those young years were so confusing because I wanted to be like the other students,” she said. “The eye test told me I was different. But now, I have found the Light, a light that replaces any degeneration.”

Her compelling speech was centered on the theme of walking by faith, not by sight.

“I have the sight that is the center of my life. I have the light that is in heaven. I am privileged to have such a tangible way to remind me to trust in God, my ultimate guide.”

Students were visibly touched by Nimmer’s address.

“She’s a real life example of what Christ calls us to do, and that is step in faith,” said Ryan Zantingh ’07 of Pella, Iowa.

Caitlin Fillmore ’09 of Hollis, Maine, agreed. “It’s always interesting to see someone who went to the same institution I did and see her faith in action,” she said.

Nimmer’s chapel address mirrored a motivational speech she often delivers titled, “My Journey Out of the Dark.” After chapel, she signed copies of her book and took pictures with several teachers who influenced her to become an educator. One of them was Dr. Michael Vander Weele, professor of English.

“He had the incredible love and passion for literature and writing that I try to pass on to my students,” she said.

Nimmer also had high praise for Dr. Annalee Ward, professor of communication arts.     “She offered individual attention during college that I needed so much when I was losing my vision.”

And Nimmer discovered a special kinship with Dr. Robert Rice, professor of history.     “He is a model of a successful blind person who showed I could be successful no matter what.”

Nimmer’s campus visit included speaking to an English class, meeting with the Trinity Christian College Women’s Ministry, and being interviewed for a story in the student newspaper.

After graduating from Trinity, Nimmer received her master’s degree and now teaches English and creative writing at William Henry Harrison High School in West Lafayette, Indiana.

“Now it’s my turn to inspire students as my own professors at Trinity inspired me,” she said.

Forms are available in the bookstore to order a copy of Nimmer’s book, “Minutes in the Dark, Eternity in the Light.”

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