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Making use out of what is soon to be demolished, the Palos Heights Fire Department conducted training sessions at the Tibstra Annex, formerly the faculty apartments, February 3-7. Firefighters rehearsed their standard emergency procedures in the empty building as part of their routine preparations.

Using wood and hay, the firefighters ignited sectional fires in large drums inside rooms of the building. An attack crew then entered the room followed by a search-and-rescue team, simulating a real emergency that would jeopardize human lives.

"We train all year round, but when we can use buildings for training, that makes it better for us," said Lt. Steve Hammerstein, a 15-year veteran of the department. "We do a lot of damage to the buildings, so we have to get the ones that are going to be destroyed.

"This has been a good spot. It would be better if it had some furniture inside, but we take what we can get."

The annex will be torn down on February 13 as the College proceeds with construction plans for Alumni Hall. Groundbreaking for the new residence hall will take place shortly after the demolition.

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