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Diversity Lecture Reflects On Race and Reconciliation

What is the relevance of reconciliation?

Where does the Evangelical church stand today on the issue of race?

These were some of the questions posed during Trinity’s Diversity Lecture Series by guest speaker Glen Kehrein, executive director of Circle Urban Ministries. Kehrein is the co-author of Breaking Down Walls: A Model of Reconciliation in an Age of Racial Strife with Raleigh Washington.

He urged listeners to see reconciliation as a truth of the Gospel, explaining that as believers, we possess immutable values that transcend civil laws and social conventions. These values emerge from the character of God himself.

Despite this, Kehrein, Elder at Rock of Salvation Church in Chicago, believes that the church in general has not led the way in speaking out about racial inequality.

“The church is a thermometer rather than a thermostat in regard to the issue of racism,” said Kehrein. “We must rise to the challenge to be an agent of change rather than a respondent to the status quo.”

The challenge, he said, is how do we live out our faith in light of our history and with an understanding of our current reality? Addressing students, he encouraged them—as the ‘young church’—to be transformational as true Christians following the God of reconciliation.

Kehrein and his wife Lonnie have lived, raised a family of three, and built a ministry in the Austin community on Chicago’s West Side.


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