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Three former Trinity students are marveling at the providence of God. Little did Jim Van Schepen ex '73, Nick Beezhold ex '74, and Joel Huyser ex ’74 know when they first crossed paths on campus in 1971, that God would bring them together 35 years later during a medical mission trip in Nicaragua. Click here to read the full article.

Van Schepen, Trinity’s security director, is allowed under College policy to take up to a week each year to perform community service. He, his wife Debbie, and Beezhold decided to provide medical help to an orphanage, a Christian school, and a village in Nicaragua.

“The medical team treated over 1,100 people,” Van Schepen said. “Prior to each morning session, a pastor would tell the crowd this medical help was being offered to them in love and in the name of Jesus Christ, and that the members of the American medical team were there to serve them as representatives of the church of Jesus Christ.”

The trip was sponsored and arranged through Partners in Christ International (PIC) headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. PIC partners with indigenous churches and organizations in developing countries and shares resources from North American churches.

While on the mercy mission, Van Schepen and Beezhold met former classmate Joel Huyser, who runs the Nehemiah Center in Nicaragua. The agency is devoted to community health evangelism, the development of Christian schools, micro-enterprise development, and pastoral and leadership training.

The people served by these medical missionaries struggle with poverty. Many of the villagers live in a place called “the dump” because they provide for their daily needs by rummaging through a nearby garbage dump. Rolling blackouts limit their electricity to just a few hours a day. The weather is hot and humid and bursts of rain flood their dirt roads.

 “We were blessed to offer those we served ‘a cup of cold water’ in the name of Jesus Christ,” Van Schepen said.

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