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Christian educators from across the globe gathered recently in Nicaragua to promote one of their most important kingdom causes: Christian higher education. Trinity Sociology Professor Dr. Brad Breems and Dr. Clinton Stockwell, executive director of the Chicago Semester program, attended a conference in November conducted by IAPCHE, the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education. Breems is Trinity’s liaison to IAPCHE.

Stockwell presented a paper titled “Fundamentalisms and the Shalom of God: An Analysis of Contemporary Expressions of Fundamentalism in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.”

“The shalom vision in the Old Testament, which is also behind Paul’s ‘peace’ blessings, conveys the idea of interdependence and sharing with others,” Stockwell said.

“This notion of shalom was applauded as an appropriate biblical mandate that could provide the basis for teaching, discourse, and solidarity among nations and peoples.”

Breems presented a paper titled “A Christian Open University as Academic Matrix of South African Liberative Development.”
“The caliber, tone, and content of African and Latin American lectures were essential for North American academia to hear in terms of their urgency and implied critiques of powerful Western ideals,” Breems said.

For the past 31 years, IAPCHE has promoted the Lordship of Jesus over every area of life, including Christian higher education. Trinity is an institutional member of IAPCHE and several faculty members are individual members.

“This is a crucial piece of our overall place in the Christian constellation and the broader academic galaxy,” Breems said. “It is essential for us to express solidarity and support for struggling Christian scholars and institutions around the world, and to be educated by their experiences.”

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