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A group of eight Trinity students went to Fieldcrest Elementary School for Family Literacy Night January 18 to celebrate the school's improved reading scores and promote reading among children and parents.

Education professor Trina Vallone coordinated her Interim class to participate in the event at Fieldcrest, located in nearby Oak Forest, Illinois. Her students teamed with pupils and teachers in grades kindergarten through six for reading and crafts. Fieldcrest's recent increase of Latino students led it to introduce a bilingual program, and three of the Trinity students who attended speak Spanish and English.

"We had a lot of interaction with the (Spanish-speaking) parents, and they appreciated our presence because they could understand what was happening," said senior Christina de la Torre. "They became more involved in the activities as the evening progressed."

The other College students who accompanied de la Torre included freshman Norman Liverpool IV, sophomores Marisa Albarran and Glenn Gbakoyah, juniors Jarita Steward and Alain Galindo, and seniors Sophia Van Till and Jessica Campins. Galindo served as a teacher's aide at Fieldcrest for two weeks in January.

"It was powerful for young kids to see college students who look like them," Vallone said. "It made college seem more attainable for them. Their reading scores have gotten better, and I'm glad we had an opportunity to encourage them to continue improving."

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