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“Today’s college education must prepare students for the complexity of a diverse and globally interconnected, if fractured, world.”

Those words by a panel of national education, business, policy, and community leaders were echoed by diversity expert Dr. Debra Humphreys, who delivered an address on January 24 at Trinity Christian College. Humphreys is vice president for communications and public affairs for the Association of American Colleges and Universities. She appeared at Trinity in connection with the College’s “First Mondays” Diversity Lecture Series.

 “Those institutions that have a holistic plan and visible leadership and commitment to addressing issues of diversity seem to have better intergroup relations and diversity outcomes,” Humphreys said.

She quoted a 1977 document by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching that suggests improvements in diversity begin in the classroom.

“The curriculum is the major statement any institution makes about itself, about what it can contribute to the intellectual development of students, about what it thinks is important in its teaching service to society.”

Dr. Nelvia Brady, director of ethnic diversity and professor of business at Trinity, says the College is beginning to address curricular issues.

“Some departments and majors are already incorporating diversity as a goal and are approaching it in different ways. We need to be clear on the student outcomes we desire and how we will assess these outcomes and measure if we have met the goals,” Brady said.

Trinity continues to make strides toward greater diversity. The minority population on campus has grown over the past several years. Humphreys cited research showing that a diverse campus often raises the overall level of satisfaction with college and better prepares students for the global work environment.

 “She provided a well informed and highly credible look at the various ways colleges are addressing the complex issue of making excellence inclusive with diversity in the college curriculum,” Brady said.    

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