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During this interim, there was nothing but fun and games in Pete Post’s education class -- and the Trinity professor would not have it any other way. Ten students took the “Play to Learn, Learn to Play” interim course to develop games to supplement elementary and high school textbooks.

“It is important for any teacher to keep his or her students engaged,” said interim participant Sean Lambert ’07 of Chicago, Illinois. “I think the games and activities will motivate students to learn.”

Future teacher Kathy VenHuizen ’09 of Fulton, Illinois, found the interim experience invaluable.

“Everything that we developed in this interim can be used in my own classroom some day, and for a future teacher, it is great to have those resources available,” she said.

The students invented some challenging educational games linked to popular sports. The concept is particularly interesting because it gives the students a chance to learn collaboratively. Post’s class developed a number of such games, including: Bible Football, Academic Soccer, and a Science Basketball game.

They also created games that include matching the names of musical instruments and fruit to their pictures, and matching Bible questions to their correct answers. Try your hand at these tests.

“These games are a great way to review for tests and engage student learning,” said Lisa Had ’08 of Manteno, Illinois. “This interim made me proud of what I created and gave me confidence in my creativity as a future teacher.”

Post’s long-term goal is to create a variety of learning games and activities that will be saved on CD, enclosed with teacher’s guides, and used by schools worldwide.

“I look at this experience as a win-win-win situation,” the education professor said. “Trinity students are learning to develop teaching materials, Christian Schools International is receiving unique materials to supplement their programs, and educators gain new ideas and techniques for teaching.”

Each January, Trinity students engage in interactive learning outside the classroom during interim, a two-week program between semesters. Students may choose from a wide range of special interests and subjects in the humanities, sciences, and arts that provide a more hands-on educational experience. For more information on interim, visit

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