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Update from President Timmermans

Traveling with college students can teach you a thing or two, according to President Steven Timmermans, who recently traveled to South Africa with 8 Trinity students during Interim.

“I learned that young people cross cultural divides at lightning speed,” said Timmermans, recalling the group’s visit to an urban ministry in Johannesburg.

Hosted by the faith-based organization Metropolitan Evangelical Services (MES), Trinity students, and a group of students from disadvantaged backgrounds spending a year in community service, stayed at the organization’s AIDS hospice.

“The first evening together demonstrated how quickly students from two disparate countries, various racial-ethnic backgrounds, and widely differing socio-economic backgrounds could learn to love each other,” said Timmeremans, adding that in the context of fellowship and teamwork, barriers fall aside. 

The Interim course is composed of two components:

  1. A week in South Africa focused on societal problems and community   based solutions
  2. A week in Malawi involved business mentoring led by local business   leaders

“I also learned that it is a very good thing for a college president to get out of the office and spend an intense week with a group of students,” said Timmermans. “While I’ve always been encouraged by Trinity’s students, my hope in the next generation took another leap forward as I quickly and deeply began to understand the gifts these students possess and so willingly shared in South Africa.” 

President Timmermans and his wife, Dr. Barbara Timmermans, led the first week. Aaron Ozinga ’03 and Chris DeAngelis led the week in Malawi.

Trinity students include:
Tim Ozinga ’08 of Homer Glen, Illinois
Richard Visser ’08 of Winfield, Illinois
Chad Fakkema ’09 of Chino, California
Charles Boonstra ’09 of Fulton, Illinois
Kyle Sheely ’08 of Newark, Delaware
Jennifer Van Ee ’09 of Pella, Iowa
Katie Boss ’08 of Beecher, Illinois
Jeffrey Miller ’08 of Kenosha, Wisconsin

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