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The January interim has attracted a record 550 students. Interim offers a variety of learning experiences through an intensive, one-course program that runs from January 9 – 22.  

The interim term gives students the opportunity to interact with faculty members in a unique setting. Some faculty members offer courses that provide a distinctive or focused perspective on their discipline. Other faculty members pursue an avocational interest.

According to Associate Provost Mark Ward, “Trinity’s interim program offers students and faculty alike the opportunity to experience the joy of learning in a new way. Many alumni consider their interim experience to be one of the highlights of their Trinity experience.”

Approximately one-fourth of the participating students will be learning outside of the Chicago metropolitan area.  Sixteen groups will be traveling around the world. For a full list of the January 2007 interim courses, click here.

Some of the students and faculty participating in interims this year are sharing their experiences via brief updates. Click here to view these updates.
Examples of this year’s interim program:

  • Bob Boomsma, professor of biology, will be guiding biology students through basic cadaver dissection.  Cadaver dissection is typically not introduced until graduate school. 
  • In Associate Professor of History John Fry’s course, “Hollywood and History,” students will watch historical movies, critique their depiction of historical topics, and seek to understand them in their own historical context and in light of a Christian worldview.
  • Professor of Business John Kooyenga will be leading eight students in an in depth review of business in China. 
  • Students accompanying art professors Emily Kennerk and John Bakker will be examining art and the creative process in London. 
  • Laurel Quinn, associate professor of nursing, shares her love for quilting in her course, “The Language in Quilts:  Messages and Interpretations from the Creator.” Students will explore the meanings and messages in historical and current-day quilts and design and construct their own personal quilt blocks.

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