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Play to Learn...Learn to Play 2008 Interim

Trinity students have been working with Professor Pete Post to design a variety of learning games in the Interim course, “Play to Learn…Learn to Play.” Here is an update from their group:

Here are some of the pictures from our Interim trek to Christian Schools International (CSI) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, today. We spent the day at the corporate offices, were greeted by CSI President/CEO Dave Koetje, and spent the majority of our time speaking with Dan Beerens, vice president of learning services. Dan also serves as the editor of CSI’s magazine Christian School Teacher and has asked us to contribute our ideas for learning games in the next issue, which is soon to be an online publication. My hope is that we can become a regular contributor in this collaboration with CSI. 

Another goal of this Interim will be to produce a DVD to accompany our academic sports games to show students and their teachers how to play. We had a great day. We’re really blessed with beautiful traveling weather and I think we are pretty excited about creating some neat activities!

Pete Post, Assistant Professor of Special Education

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