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Faith Veenstra '03 is one of a dozen artists whose work is being exhibited during Juventus 2003 at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago.

The most prominent of her three pieces on display is called "Deflated." She glued red yarn onto balloons to fashion a papier mache mold, then popped the balloons to deflate them. She also created "Swab," a small sphere composed of more than 4,000 cotton swabs.

"I'm very interested in taking ordinary materials that people use everyday and creating extraordinary art," said Veenstra, an art graduate. "I want people to see mundane things in ways they never imagined. When most people think about yarn, they think about knitting, so I purposely sought to use it without knitting."

Juventus 2003 highlights the current diverse ideas, propositions, and concerns that engage students and recent graduates of art programs. The 12 featured artists were selected from a pool of entrants from the United States and Canada. Their works include painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media. The exhibition, which began December 19, ends January 18. For more information, visit

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