Bosscher Research Group

Mike Bosscher


While obtaining his doctorate from the University of Chicago, Mike began teaching chemistry at Trinity. Although most of his graduate work was centered around metalloproteins, his research interests also include urban agriculture and aquaponics. His Trinity profile can be found here.

Anna Bos


Anna Bos grew up in Rockford, Michigan, where she took most of the science classes her high school had to offer. Since coming to Trinity, her interest in the natural sciences has only grown as she pursues chemistry and biology majors. She is currently assisting Professor Bosscher in his biochemistry research on developing proteins that bind lanthanide ions.

Jonathan Koonce


Jonathan Koonce hails from sunny Escondido, California, and plans to pursue a life-long career in the chemistry field. He is currently working towards a chemistry major as well as minors in physics and mathematics at Trinity Christian College, and has begun research on lanthanide binding proteins with Professor Bosscher and Anna Bos.

Jacob Henricksen


Jacob Henricksen grew up in Westmont, Illinois. He is currently majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in Computer Science. Jacob started working with aquaponics during the first semester of his junior year aiding in the development of the system. The next semester he is starting to investigate efficiency of nitrogen oxidation with different solid support for the aquaponics lab.

Calob Lostutter


Calob Lostutter, inspired by a food justice interim with Prof. Cini Bretzlaff-Holstein, initiated the aquaponics project with a proposal to CESAG. Calob continues to work on the aquaponics system under a Vander Velde Scholarship allowing him to develop instrumental techniques to monitor nitrogen speciation.

Tom Roose


As chair of the Campus Ecological Stewardship Advisory Group (CESAG), Tom Roose from the physics department helped procure funding for the aquaponics project, and continues to work closely with Calob and Mike on the aquaponics project.