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Two Weeks at Restoration Ministries
Danielle Posthuma – Trinity Christian College

When deciding what class I wanted to take for interim, a two week class before the fall semester, the one at Restoration Ministries caught my eye. I didn’t know much about the place in Harvey, IL except that they had an after school kid’s club and programs for former drug addicts. This was enough to get me excited, a service interim helping kids and people struggling with addiction, so I signed up with no idea of how much was in store for me. Restoration Ministries wasn’t like any community outreach I’ve seen before. Helping out there was such an amazing experience, not to mention the fact that we stayed in their Tabitha House, a residential training facility for the women who are recovering drug addicts.

Restoration Ministries, located right in the midst of a struggling community, is well known and respected by the people living around it. They have 29 programs that give hope to the diverse people benefiting from the hard work, dedication, and genuine love of the many people involved with the ministry. My six other classmates and I had an opportunity to tutor students after school, distribute food from the Produce Mobile truck that stops there once a month, work at the Thrift Store, spend time with senior citizens at the YMCA, sort food at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, visit a state funded drug rehab facility called the Brandon House, and go roller skating with the kids on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday. All this activity was a little exhausting at times, but we were really able to enjoy ourselves. It was also so fulfilling to see how much we were helping other people out. The gratitude was written all over their faces and comments to us, and it was especially hard to leave the kids on the last day.

As I mentioned before, one of the most amazing experiences was staying at the Tabitha House. The lives of the women there gave true meaning to “Restoration”. Whether we were at volunteer sites with them, laughing at ourselves trying to keep up with them at their aerobics class, or just doing things around the house and talking with them, we could see their lives and values changing and growing. Restoration Ministries not only helps others to improve their own lives, but teaches them how they can in turn help more people. This was very inspiring to me. It is such a beautiful thing to see how successful they are, restoring individuals, families and communities. 

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